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Magical Jurisdiction


Post UPDATE for May 12th, 2013:

with Bogalusa, Washington Parish political lawsuits.

It is great to be an attorney in Mississippi I would assume. There is something about this state rarely seen in others. Via la hocus pocus an attorney in this state can’t represent both sides of an issue involving millions. These men and women are known as plaintiffs’ defendants. Directly from the state court and before your eyes is the plaintiffs’ defending attorney, Richard Gamblin. 

After settlements of Vicksburg and all others with regards to the only claims before this court the plot has definitely thickened. What gives here as a defense attorney acting as attorney for the plaintiffs in transfer of awards from Judge Green and Graves to Judge Bobby DeLaughter. Now don’t try this at home boys and girls because it’s as bad as all other actions which the hell hole court has engaged in regarding the ( for lack of ) stealing of awards. Perhaps the only magic here is black magic. So hocus pocus unto you from that Magical horse shit Jurisdiction known as the Hinds County Court, ya’ll come back now ya hear.

May 10th, 2013:


The unfolding legal feud involving Washington Parish government officials and Sheriff Randy Seal escalated Wednesday afternoon when the parish filed a countersuit against the sheriff.

The suit, legally known as an Answer and Reconventional Demand to Seal’s original suit makes claims against the sheriff’s in the way it conducts its business and petitions the court to resolve some of those issues. In the suit, the parish claims Seal’s office has failed to submit a 2013 budget as mandated by state law, failed to comply with the state’s procurement procedure, wrongly submitted duplicate invoices and invoices for inmates no longer on the census list

The parish jail asked for reimbursements for purchases. Some of those purchases, according to the suit, are pink handcuffs, two brooms at a cost of $80 per broom, 10 microwave ovens, a digital clock radio, car wax and bulletin board and fasteners. Being non-mandated expenditures or items that do not meet the dual test of reasonableness established by the Louisiana Supreme Court in Reed vs. Washington Parish Police Jury.” Seal said he could not comment on the suit because he had not yet had the opportunity to review it. No court date has been set.


The police action that closed down a residential block in Bogalusa last Friday morning was in response to a Louisiana State Police arrest of a former resident allegedly heading back to the city with a load of cocaine, police confirmed late Wednesday.

Second Avenue between East Sixth and East Seventh streets was closed to traffic when members of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Louisiana State Police Drug Task Force, Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office and Bogalusa Police Department executed a search warrant on a residence/ barbershop.

Upon contact with the driver, 41 year-old Veronique Allen, originally of Bogalusa, the trooper received consent to search the vehicle, resulting in the discovery of 2.4 kilograms of cocaine in a rear cargo compartment,” said Trooper First Class Nick Manale, spokesman for Troop L. “Further investigation by detective

The multi-agency investigation stemmed from a Covington traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of a Houston woman on charges of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and the subsequent seizure of additional narcotics and paraphernalia from the Bogalusa residence, according to State Police.

The traffic stop took place shortly before midnight on April 29 when a state trooper observed a 2013 Toyota sedan moving erratically northbound on Louisiana Highway 21 in Covington.