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Recent Actions In Hinds County

March 31st, 2011  { action: Hearing to Fix for Trial Gaylord Trial } Plaintiff Marie,  appears to ask relief once more through the use of their claims by the court. Events from trial at :


New world order vehicle. Tactical leader says this vehicle can carry a good size group of new world police under the guise of Homeland Security. What is homeland security? The only security we have as Americans is if we each own a corporation. Looking at these post it should be very evident that the America of protected freedoms and property ownership is as phony as the war on drugs or Homeland Security. This country is being ran, taken over and  its citizens just ran over by an insane and overpowered Government. In this video you can hear the leader say enough to figure out he’s not talking about the security of Americans but rather the corporate ran government of the U.S.

They dress in military attire carry military weapons are stationed in this country. Notice that the writing on the tank  says Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs as well as Police and Rescue so what every happens the D.H.S. will claim some type of authority to be where they are.  Your government seeks violence from the public to usher in military martial law. This vehicle is used to serve warrants in the U.S. not Mexico, Germany or some other country. At 109: this leader of men claims he watches from a port above the vehicle as they gain entry into the house. That is our homes they talk about here.

But wait why all this money to do what the government already can do? Look, just look. Corporations who run the U.S. have already shown on our blog they can dismiss the countries laws even the constitution to extort from any citizen. To understand you need to whole picture. That major corporations run America and Americans are in their way of gaining total dominance of the entire planet. This machine and its occupants were created to kill Americans. Like all other tools of the Devil this is a really dumb shit device.

So tell you what some should consider. Most 3rd, world countries were taken down after drug wars ran ramped. What we have here is corporate control of the government law, education, monetary, and political authority. Corporations control drug transport and sells of mass amounts for monetary gains as low level dealers and users in the U.S. are given to the courts for milking. Just like the crimes committed against us herein, if your not part of the crime your in the way.

An American, a real American might just pull up to this American killing machine with a big shielded truck, push that one and only entrance door shut and weld it. Damned the port holes. Chain the big truck to the A.K.M. set it a fire so dragging it won’t get you anywhere and by the way?  How much fuel water and food can you get in that coffin death trap.


Magical Juisdiction Making Magic [ pt.two ]


And there you have it. Did you see that? Do you get the whole picture? First you’re Hubbard, Pierce, Baria on November 17,1998 but after you become important to the money on claims of facts you become ” magical ” You become Baria, Holaday & Johnson, PLLC in the year 2000 a practice established in 1995 the same year as the toxic release and therefore you can sign up all kinds of fraudulent claims. Now what’s worse concern of posting a stored item of wire fraud or not making the point that this is corruption gone wild? The magic shown here produced a Mississippi Senator. Image that.

MFTMS13. UPDATE FOR MAY 2nd, 2013 First up we sadly announce the passing of my mother-in-law. May God bless and keep her till his appointed time for all. Amen!

Bogalusa, the stink remains:

ARATA 041813

Billy Boy is back in business. If you can recall that wonder boy here, Billy the poster boy Arata { a-rat-ahh]  was arrested for drugs but it’s OK, he’s licking bigger asses these days. There it is…   all flashy and on the front cover of every issue of the Corporate owned Bogalusa news paper. We know silly Billy hit the jackpot justice when Bogalusa surrendered its ownership to temple inland over the possibility their ass was about to be totally bankrupt. Along with the every more money given extortion of the Marie family comes the state protection of asses from all other crimes.

We can thank God that Temple Inland isn’t the final justifiable word. Looking from another angle I’d bet the thought of anyone of the many many crooked bastards writing a book from their side of the story might have some not listed name or other connected factor which helps keep it all the more …… uh, under the rug. Oh, yeah looks like a really big secret that the government handles selective prosecutions. Crash & Burn!

About Walter:  

Reed said via email that state ethics laws governing parish agencies was the reason District Attorney Walter Reed asked Washington Parish attorney Wayne Kuhn to recuse himself from a lawsuit involving Sheriff Randy Seal. Kuhn is an assistant district attorney who works for Reed but is paid $60,000 annually by the parish to represent it in civil matters as well as attend all council meetings and the majority of committee meetings.

“I was not forcing (Kuhn) not to do something,” he wrote. “(Kuhn) knew it was a conflict. I was doing exactly what the law required us to do.” By state law the parish’s legal counsel in both criminal and civil matters is the parish district attorney.

Reed states, it has been decided by our office that the proper course of action would be for the District attorney and his staff to recuse themselves from this litigation. There is a continuing and ongoing relationship between the Chief Law Officer of the Parish and the District Attorney which requires our office to maintain a stable working relationship.”

According to multiple sources who asked not to be identified, there is also a concern that should Seal win, in order to pay the sheriff the parish might be forced to cut funding to other agencies, including Reed’s office, which ultimately may result in additional lawsuits.