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Medical A

Initial emergency room visits of Robert and Rebecca were similar. Flu like symptoms. We are posting the fact sheet on nitrogen tetroxide with the copy of Rebecca’s initial visit in Bogalusa, Louisiana 10-31-95. Here’s where the redirect of actual chemicals began. The fact sheet lies and that’s a fact.

Now that’s close!



OCTOBER 23rd, 1995 ………………..

In early October 1995 the Gaylord Paper Manufacture sent a tank car they rented from Union Tank Car to Vicksburg, Mississippi to receive and transport back nitrogen tetroxide to the Bogalusa, Louisiana facility. Once in Vicksburg the Vicksburg Chemical Corporation weighed the tank car and found it to be over weight by nearly 10,000 lbs. Those loading the rail car had notice that work had been done to the car and assumed that this was the cause.

The court later found that the weight was not due to work on the tank car but rather to a substance in the tank car. Attorneys agreed that it was water, however, the chemical specialist disagreed. It was later discovered that the substance was DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide a product of paper manufacture. What was odd is that the manufacture was not a party to the suit. I should state that they were rumored to have $500 billion dollars in insurance.  The chemical put in the tank car in Vicksburg along with what was in it created dinitrogen tetroxide, N2O4, a very lethal toxin and powerful absorbent.

Gaylord knew about the toxin in the car and that it was leaking and told no one but Union Tank officials as well the Vicksburg specialist confirmed it was not water. By this time it seem everyone was at fault. The tank car left the facility traveled on two different railways picked up the chemicals and rode all the way back before it started leaking. Now officials at the facility were about to make things worse by not reporting it to proper authorities. They are rich and do as they please.

It had not rained since the beginning of October and for over two weeks the tank car sat on the facility grounds leaking. The tank car could not be moved for fear it might blow up while being moved. It couldn’t be off loaded because the equipment detected toxins and the safety devise shut off the transfer. All this along with weather conditions strongly suggest that this release was trying to dispose of these toxins as best they could.

What we have here is a known leak of toxic poison and no concern. Let’s look at this. (1) leaking for weeks. (2) not reported to Haz Mat.  (3) how can this toxin be gotten rid of? I’m certain more thought went into it but this is my thought. Looking at a map the area in west of the town of Angie, Louisiana is least populated. In fact it’s used to grow trees for the paper facility. If it landed on their land no one could take action. Next from the mill the desired place was North West, however, it had not rained for weeks. The rain was needed for two reasons. First the wind generally blow to the North West before raining as a cross wind of higher altitudes. The North West winds could carry the cloud of toxins in the needed direction and second the following rain would wash away and dilute the chemicals released. Now there was one more thing how would they stop the cloud if this was their plan? Well ask a hunter or a sailor and there is a word for it. One hour before day light and one hour before dark the wind subsides i.e. it stops blowing. Now this is the kinda talk that defendants as well as plaintiffs attorneys just didn’t want to hear. I’ll place installments to this story for this post my hope is to make clear that state power is as wrong and corrupted as criminals on the street. It was October 23rd,1995 the world’s largest paper manufacture is about to prove they might just get away with disposing the poison that’s holding up their ability to make more money and the Marie family is about to have their entire lives changed forever by an event that will destroy their home make them sick leave them with unusual life threaten symptoms and the court in two states will use them to gain millions by their claims then leave them for dead.

I will add that everyone knew where the cloud went and the doctors in Bogalusa were frighten to treat us.


Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal has filed suit against Parish President Richard Thomas and the Parish Council over nonpayment by the parish.  He is asking the court to force the parish to pay future  “fair and reasonable statutorily-mandated expenditures.” The sheriff is petitioning the court to allow his office, as the parish tax collector, to withhold those funds due to the parish to pay for the expenses. Seal said since taking office in July he has invoiced the parish $261,110,57 for reimbursable expenses, and after non-disclosed deductions the total amount was $249,069.41.

The sheriff said the parish has provided “no factual or legal support whatsoever for its unilateral decisions.” The suit contends the parish has left the sheriff “in the lurch,” without adequate funding to operate the office. Seal is anticipating the parish will respond that it has adopted an “unamendable budget and/or” has no financial resources to meet its obligations.” But, that funding does not excuse the parish from meeting its obligations.  Finally, the lawsuit asks the court for a judgment declaring Seal’s “right to receive reimbursement from the parish for relevant expenses already incurred and the parish’s ongoing obligation” to fund future expenses set out in the suit. “The parish has disregarded and/or ignored both its clear statutory obligations to Sheriff Seal and its responsibilities to the citizens of Washington Parish,” the suit contends.