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Can you believe this? This pile of paper work looks twice as big in real life. I really have to hand it to secretaries, clerks or anyone that has to deal with paper work on a daily basis.  Here’s a breakdown 20% Plaintiffs medical 20% Settlement actions 15% failed trial actions. This concluded the courts legal actions as Defendants’ trial failed. 15% filing for relief and the remaining 30% would be Defendants’ filing of irrelevant issues.

The first 40% are the pivotal points of complaint, being medical, injuries and the use of claims for awards to settle this suit then a refusal to release the awards to the proper persons for which awards were had. Huh, damn it, man!

Current Update For April 10th, 2013 :  We (Americans) are currently under the watchful eye of a very suspicious government. Presently their are many speaking of the God given rights of the true American Government and what is going on in our Country. Yes we are at a turning point and this time it will the the worst and the last. I’d like to close with events in brief from our world today.


Pyongyang has issued a warning urging foreign nationals to evacuate South Korea. The statement was followed by threats from North Korea of “thermonuclear” war on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea, warned, “We do not wish harm on foreigners in South Korea should there be a war,” Reuters quoted citing a spokesperson for its Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee. The warning was read out on North Korea’s state television and KCNA news agency as saying,  “all international organizations, businesses and tourists” were told to “work out measures for the evacuation”. “The situation on the Korean Peninsula is inching close to a thermonuclear war,” Pyongyang’s Asia-Pacific Peace Committee stated.


Thirty-seven people have been killed after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck near Bushehr in Iran. Around 850 people have been injured, according to Iranian media. At least 37 people had died so far  including 100 who were hospitalized in the Bushehr provincial, home to the Bushehr nuclear power plant.    Based on the most recent figures on the impact of the earthquake,” The quakes epicenter was 89 kilometers (55 miles) away from the nuclear plant, just outside the town of Kaki. Eighty to 100 per cent of the town’s homes have been destroyed. The depth of the quake was 10 km (6.2miles). It was followed by 21 aftershocks within three hours. Twelve of those measured above 4 on the Richter scale.


Uh to every American I’d share one thought over world events, get right with the Lord. Understand we really are spiritual beings in human bodies during the return of Satan to this Earth. The process requires a group of followers from around the globe devising a one world order, meaning educational, financial, military and religious. That religion is absent of God. It is the world which will be had by Satan. Christians are told not to fear that which can kill the flesh but to fear that which can kill the soul. This country is said to be policing the world. It appears more that the NWO is in the process of placing its own chosen heads of state. In turn our countries soldiers have been in urban warfare for years now.  Their at least a mile and a half away or more and it only gets worse if your the target of heat seeking target acquisition device.