Photos 1997, 2000.

Health Care and Camping Out:

Life without justice. Before Katrina it seem we were the only ones for miles displaced from our home. These aren’t pictures from camping out. This was our new corporate and court agreement domain. When the facts were added up the entire matter became actions of secrecy at the cost of our entire life. What’s life like under these conditions with no justice and run away attorneys? Tent on the right held supplies and the one on the left, was our sleeper. This was the scene after we were released from jail on false charges but refused to live in a toxic engulfed home which chemical experts refuse to check due to the real substances released.

How do you spell health care?  It’s more like “Let’s make a deal? ”  In trade for the x- rays showing internal injuries my wife would receive surgery.  Being unable to pay for anything caused by all this it’s a great deal. These are all we have of x- rays now claimed to be now destroyed.  When placing these x-rays against the window curtains we were able to gain this result. These are the only known x-rays of injuries of Jane’s back.  The stated 1/2  to one inch cut turned out to be 18 staples long.

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