Superficial State of Mind (Update)

11-1-2008-40329-pm  Here’s the deal.  Our 1998 and 1999 settled awards millions or billions sought are held from us.  Anything done by us to gain relief will always be short of what will be needed. Segregated and fully extorted has ever a hate crime been, this is it.

Even the courts are confused at this point and can not be trusted to even give normal advise.  An  acting judge’s advice  [Judge Prichard] to a recent dismissal was to contact the Judge over the settlement to ask of our claims and what type action may be required of us for whatever relief was  due.  A letter to judge Graves  caused a visit by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. This agency claims to only work on behalf of the state.  We have been forbidden to ever contact the Judge who settled our claims.  Additionally we were warned never to file any lawsuit against those who have commented the crimes alleged against my family.  The last threat, I mean order was amended early 2009.

In response to the real events, it is highly unlikely that Judge Green did little more than aid with intentional delay. If her order [below]  is not a hoax then a chain of events are as follows. An order by Judge Green to transfer awards to Judge DeLaughter is claimed filed with the court under civil 251-98-1061.  Judge DeLaughter claims to accept the action under civil 251-96-493.  The Hinds County clerk presently replies by phone that civil action 251-98-1061 is assigned to Judge Harrison as the Marie claims are pending. A petition for review continues to await response. The current is made use by class actions of fraud to delay redress are posted on a page above titled “Latest Class Action”




Generally, when the state has evidence or even when it doesn’t the court and prosecutors will hang your ass good for little to no reason and as a citizen of this state we all know this. Case in point if the courts thought we were wrong in these matters we would be put under the jail which in this case would take the place of the intended grave.

It’s the same old story.  Defendants state that the last action on our claims was a dismissal of Judge Graves by a January 15th, 1998 Order for failure to complete discovery. To bad that’s a lie worth millions.  Countless documents show actions of settling well after said Graves’ order even an Order denying motion to dismiss our claims after failed trial and appeal. Our awards were gained by Judge Graves after we fired our attorneys.

For whatever reason [ lies ] the court has not yet sent the decision of the court to dismiss by an order having nothing to do with our claims actions. If, it the Order, or as soon as it arrives we’ll post for now check out the latest action of extortion and or other news.

UPDATE CURRENT FOR APRIL 10th,2013 Todays Three


A US military judge says the government must prove that Army Private Bradley Manning intended to aid the enemy when he released hundreds of thousands of sensitive files to WikiLeaks. The official tribunal against the 25-year-old private first class Army Private is slated to start in June.

During pretrial hearings on Wednesday Col. Denise Lind, A US military judge ruled that the government has a burden to prove that the soldier inflect harm on the United States or gave aid to the enemy when he released hundreds of thousands of sensitive files to the whistleblower.

Independent journalist Alexa O’Brien writes that the United States government must now prove that Pfc. Manning acted “with reason to believe such info could be used to the injury of the US or to advantage of any foreign nation.”  If convicted on this count, Manning could theoretically be sentenced to die. Prosecutors, however, have said they would settle for life in prison.

STORY # 2.


Lawmakers in the Florida Senate voted unanimously this week to ban law enforcement agencies from using surveillance drones in the Sunshine State except in situations where the US Department of Homeland Security believes that drones could deter a high-risk terrorist attack.

Senator Joe Negron (R-Stuart) told his colleagues“It’s fine to kill terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan with drones, but I don’t think we should use them to monitor the activities of law-abiding Floridians,”  Police agencies across Florida had largely objected to any rules that would limit the use of surveillance drones for law enforcement purposes.


The United States and South Korea have upgraded their military surveillance status in anticipation of a possible mid-range missile launch by Pyongyang. The Combined Forces Command is effectively at Watchcon 2 status ready to tackle a “vital threat” from North Korea in the latest escalation of tension in the war-weary peninsula. Citing an anonymous senior military official. If the next upgrade occurs, the nations will be in a state of war. Seoul has also launched an emergency task force to analyze North Korea’s preparations of a missile launch, the official said.



From 10/8/2008.

Believe it or not this state’s political and judicial system is every bit as corrupted as you might image even more so. This incident is just one of many but this one is huge $276 million and billions sought for. I knew a family who had a similar case years ago they were the most injured of an accident claims were settled on their behalf as the system was used to run them into the ground. Of the family one died from injuries three of the children that lived the mother and father were never given any of the awards ultimately they were driven apart. This man and women fought, divorced and he couldn’t take it any more he killed one of the children shot another killed his ex-wife and new husband and two weeks after his life sentence was given the case was settled. After 25 years of attorney bullshit the surviving children got one thousand dollars.

It might be the way things were done in the past but I’ve got a new game for these assholes. Hello blogging. Its still bad but now we can share the feelings of being extortion victim within the United States of courts, judges, attorneys and countless brown nose state officials thieves in the state of Mississippi.

We are denied any form of aid for the direct cause of our injuries. my wife worked but her work history was altered to deny her social aid ie,. medical treatments, we have both a real work history and the states we don’t exist record. Our daughter’s life was effected as state control of our family place her in prison on false charges to form a holding of. Attorneys of some other state had taken interest. But moving create a greater risk of being killed.

  Tell you what I’ll post the entire matter of what has been going lately and just like the rest of this you’ll wish it was all fake because if you ever get involved in a huge lawsuit stay the hell out of Mississippi. On Monday we appeared before the court as attorneys perjured their way to dismiss our actions to sue them as we were warned not to ever take any action again or we will be held in contempt you’ll see those actions here with the document shown to the court. I’ll welcome any and all comments if we can stop one person from this back stabbing attorney gang raping trap it will all be worth it.

CURRENT UPDATE FOR: April 18th,2013

So we Americans were supposedly attacked recently by a terrorist act. This occurred at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Here’s the latest. Story # 1.

President Barack Obama was due to visit Boston on Thursday to attend a memorial service for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. A manhunt is continuing for a suspect seen on video taken before two blasts struck on Monday, Reuters reported. On Wednesday, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested a Mississippi man in connection with letters sent to Obama and two other officials that were believed to have contained the deadly poison ricin. The FBI said there was no indication of a connection between the ricin letters and the Boston bomb attacks. Story # 2.

Smoke rises as water is sprayed at the burning remains of a fertilizer plant after an explosion at the plant in the town of West, near Waco, Texas early April 18, 2013 (Reuters / Mike Stone)

A massive explosion has rocked a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas. Hundreds of people were likely injured, state official says. A nursery home was destroyed by the blast and numerous buildings were damaged.

In our next up date we’ll touch upon something which might be interesting. So our figures are as follows Boston Bombing is to who …….. As reasons are to $. Heads up things like our freedom are about to go very UN-American. Enjoy the song! Story # 3. TODAYS VIDEO



Magical Juisdiction Making Magic [ pt.two ]


And there you have it. Did you see that? Do you get the whole picture? First you’re Hubbard, Pierce, Baria on November 17,1998 but after you become important to the money on claims of facts you become ” magical ” You become Baria, Holaday & Johnson, PLLC in the year 2000 a practice established in 1995 the same year as the toxic release and therefore you can sign up all kinds of fraudulent claims. Now what’s worse concern of posting a stored item of wire fraud or not making the point that this is corruption gone wild? The magic shown here produced a Mississippi Senator. Image that.

MFTMS13. UPDATE FOR MAY 2nd, 2013 First up we sadly announce the passing of my mother-in-law. May God bless and keep her till his appointed time for all. Amen!

Bogalusa, the stink remains:

ARATA 041813

Billy Boy is back in business. If you can recall that wonder boy here, Billy the poster boy Arata { a-rat-ahh]  was arrested for drugs but it’s OK, he’s licking bigger asses these days. There it is…   all flashy and on the front cover of every issue of the Corporate owned Bogalusa news paper. We know silly Billy hit the jackpot justice when Bogalusa surrendered its ownership to temple inland over the possibility their ass was about to be totally bankrupt. Along with the every more money given extortion of the Marie family comes the state protection of asses from all other crimes.

We can thank God that Temple Inland isn’t the final justifiable word. Looking from another angle I’d bet the thought of anyone of the many many crooked bastards writing a book from their side of the story might have some not listed name or other connected factor which helps keep it all the more …… uh, under the rug. Oh, yeah looks like a really big secret that the government handles selective prosecutions. Crash & Burn!

About Walter:  

Reed said via email that state ethics laws governing parish agencies was the reason District Attorney Walter Reed asked Washington Parish attorney Wayne Kuhn to recuse himself from a lawsuit involving Sheriff Randy Seal. Kuhn is an assistant district attorney who works for Reed but is paid $60,000 annually by the parish to represent it in civil matters as well as attend all council meetings and the majority of committee meetings.

“I was not forcing (Kuhn) not to do something,” he wrote. “(Kuhn) knew it was a conflict. I was doing exactly what the law required us to do.” By state law the parish’s legal counsel in both criminal and civil matters is the parish district attorney.

Reed states, it has been decided by our office that the proper course of action would be for the District attorney and his staff to recuse themselves from this litigation. There is a continuing and ongoing relationship between the Chief Law Officer of the Parish and the District Attorney which requires our office to maintain a stable working relationship.”

According to multiple sources who asked not to be identified, there is also a concern that should Seal win, in order to pay the sheriff the parish might be forced to cut funding to other agencies, including Reed’s office, which ultimately may result in additional lawsuits.

More From That Magical Jurisdiction Making Magic [ pt. one ]


     Our Update For April 20th, 2013 Below With Video Joe


Beware the attorney land-shark, the following describes being victims by extortion. It can however reap the benefit of millions of dollars. The document shown is a letter to circuit judge, James Graves explaining that this attorney will not rock the boat of fraudulent class action. The Marie claims are to be consolidated, mixed, stolen, extorted. And yet even when the class trial failed along with an appeal to a higher court and even to the judge to ignore the jury. Well the class went on by the invisible magical self serving greed of poliaticans the states over. A tale of two cities.

Judge Graves quarter back for the Hind County Pirates. Yeah these court employees fly their own flag. And about their magic.

Here’s how it’s done. First you need a really great claim one which shows your client is the only valid claim of a given incident and that they will probably die. Next approach the court boldly and enter an appearance to claims already settled. Never mind your clients to hell with them. Do your most to cause them trouble get them arrested and imprisoned if you can. Remember your a greedy damn lawyer and that’s how it is now. ( that was an attorney quote ) So now you have leverage or as people in Mississippi say you’ve got pull and you use it to stir the political money pot and get what you want all the while you got that above the law view. $$$$ ____________________________________________________




Bogalusa police and fire departments awaited the arrival of Louisiana State Police and FBI bomb squads as an abandoned suitcase in a shopping buggy outside Walmart caused a large section of the parking lot to be roped off early Friday afternoon. 

Major Gene Crosby came out of the store about an hour later. He’d been looking through video with Manager Matt Hogan, giving a thumbs up to Chief Joe Culpepper who next called and stop the en-route bomb squads.

 The two had found footage of a couple who’d purchased new luggage and after cleaning them out they had simply abandoning the old suitcase. After checking the bags police tape was removed from the area.


Magical Jurisdiction


Post UPDATE for May 12th, 2013:

with Bogalusa, Washington Parish political lawsuits.

It is great to be an attorney in Mississippi I would assume. There is something about this state rarely seen in others. Via la hocus pocus an attorney in this state can’t represent both sides of an issue involving millions. These men and women are known as plaintiffs’ defendants. Directly from the state court and before your eyes is the plaintiffs’ defending attorney, Richard Gamblin. 

After settlements of Vicksburg and all others with regards to the only claims before this court the plot has definitely thickened. What gives here as a defense attorney acting as attorney for the plaintiffs in transfer of awards from Judge Green and Graves to Judge Bobby DeLaughter. Now don’t try this at home boys and girls because it’s as bad as all other actions which the hell hole court has engaged in regarding the ( for lack of ) stealing of awards. Perhaps the only magic here is black magic. So hocus pocus unto you from that Magical horse shit Jurisdiction known as the Hinds County Court, ya’ll come back now ya hear.

May 10th, 2013:


The unfolding legal feud involving Washington Parish government officials and Sheriff Randy Seal escalated Wednesday afternoon when the parish filed a countersuit against the sheriff.

The suit, legally known as an Answer and Reconventional Demand to Seal’s original suit makes claims against the sheriff’s in the way it conducts its business and petitions the court to resolve some of those issues. In the suit, the parish claims Seal’s office has failed to submit a 2013 budget as mandated by state law, failed to comply with the state’s procurement procedure, wrongly submitted duplicate invoices and invoices for inmates no longer on the census list

The parish jail asked for reimbursements for purchases. Some of those purchases, according to the suit, are pink handcuffs, two brooms at a cost of $80 per broom, 10 microwave ovens, a digital clock radio, car wax and bulletin board and fasteners. Being non-mandated expenditures or items that do not meet the dual test of reasonableness established by the Louisiana Supreme Court in Reed vs. Washington Parish Police Jury.” Seal said he could not comment on the suit because he had not yet had the opportunity to review it. No court date has been set.


The police action that closed down a residential block in Bogalusa last Friday morning was in response to a Louisiana State Police arrest of a former resident allegedly heading back to the city with a load of cocaine, police confirmed late Wednesday.

Second Avenue between East Sixth and East Seventh streets was closed to traffic when members of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Louisiana State Police Drug Task Force, Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office and Bogalusa Police Department executed a search warrant on a residence/ barbershop.

Upon contact with the driver, 41 year-old Veronique Allen, originally of Bogalusa, the trooper received consent to search the vehicle, resulting in the discovery of 2.4 kilograms of cocaine in a rear cargo compartment,” said Trooper First Class Nick Manale, spokesman for Troop L. “Further investigation by detective

The multi-agency investigation stemmed from a Covington traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of a Houston woman on charges of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and the subsequent seizure of additional narcotics and paraphernalia from the Bogalusa residence, according to State Police.

The traffic stop took place shortly before midnight on April 29 when a state trooper observed a 2013 Toyota sedan moving erratically northbound on Louisiana Highway 21 in Covington.