Mississippi’s. Political Prisoners/Others

To the best of my knowledge everyone who entered our mobile home after it was contaminated has had a psycho analyse.  Most numbering about 25- 30 were arrested for something around the time they were being evaluated. Then there are these folks who had proven that this event would be a matter of politics and not law.


Scott McNabb’s medical report.  The release of 10-23-95 was still making people sick long after it was stated no further harm from the release was possible. The report states that Scott claims he had quit drinking some 5 months before this doctor visit. Well that’s  true because Scott had visited us 5 months early with symptoms he hadn’t been to the doctor for, but yeah, 2 years later the trailer was still bad news is no news. I mean Shhhhhh.


Todd Terrell is my brother- in- law. Now this is how politics works. Mr. McNabb was a friend of a friend meaning his family knew law enforcement and well other things happening suggest he was in the click.  Things with money as well, and I would need to research what I suspect before commenting any further. As for Todd he is closer to the event of real claims and so.  Todd has spent the last 10 years of his life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. When the proof was presented authorities simply changed the charges. Changes were made well after the arrest for murder. Todd like the others are all witnesses to the condition of the mobile home as well injuries even his own. His only crime being he was a family member who suffered a higher exposure.

This murder occurred in Marion County ” Sheriff’s Office investigating reported homicide”  The news report suggest to me an attempt to distant it self from direct knowledge by then Sheriff’s department.  The death occurred on August 26th, 1999.

Todd Terrell was on the Gulf Coast in a hospital on that day and here’s that report. This matter is as all others about ” THE GAYLORD CHEMICAL INTENTIONAL RELEASE”  Attorneys are saying the one and only cloud of toxins which traveled to our home from the mill where it landed on our home going no further. This cloud was claimed to have traveled all over Washington and Franklinton, Parish as well as three counties in Mississippi by attorneys pursuing a fraudulent class-action.  Now that should clear things up right in a word CROOKS.

I’ll post another event later, it’s  a three time try ( three arrest, charged three times and an argument over who would be the arresting officer on behalf of the state ) which won by default of the victim, my child.  Admittedly there’s a lot more paper on that one.


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