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  1. Greetings.

    With interest, I have read your blog for the past ninety minutes. Although some of it is a bit confusing to this reader, it makes me desire more knowledge of the law.
    Was David Baria your lawyer? Why did he want you to be arrested and what were the charges? Did Judge Green dismiss your lawsuit because you did not respond to the discovery? Then, did you refile the complaint only to have Delaughter dismiss it based on the original dismissal by Judge Green?
    To this reader, it appears that you are due the award because of the suffering from the chemical spill; however, the award hinged on a conditional settlement. Is this a reason you have not be able to claim the award? Did any of the other plaintiffs receive funds?
    Have you reported the alleged corruption to the Mississippi Bar Association? Have you contacted the Attorney General’s Office to request an investigation of your case?
    I apologize for the many questions. I find this case intriguing and hope you will respond.
    There is a sincere prayer that you and your family are doing well and will receive what is rightfully yours, by law and what ever else you need by the grace of God.

    1. Greetings My Friend,

      Please don’t apologize this could confuse anyone. In fact the confusion was an intentional part, add to my like of education. Actually I’m very happy over your interest as you will see it’s simply a matter of corruption by the court selling out to corporate interest. Many aspects of what occurred was kept out of the court to support an assumption the incident would end with our death. So please allow me to answer your questions.

      First attorney of record in this matter was Stuart Smith. Offering ten million in four months no questions asked, this attorney withdrew his offer and replaced it with threats to be silent.
      A delay cause the deposition to be had in 1996. My wife wasn’t silent. Corporate attorneys knew that we knew the toxic release was a disposal attempt gone wrong. After the depo things got worse.
      By mid 1997 no one wanted us in the lawsuit. We were told we wouldn’t get all the money and that we would not be allowed to bankrupt the corporations involved. We endured various false arrest living with family members. Leaving our child with grandparents my wife and I lived in the outdoors. We fired the Smith firm for attacking us and it took from March 1997 to October 1998 to gain release of our file work. However on August 28th, 1998 the judge who placed all matters under his jurisdiction had accepted an $84 million offer from one defendant solely in my name. In a meeting with the judge, he would allow us a new attorneys but would not grant relief to us with out an attorney. The court was stalling for time to create a trial of false claims.

      The court accepted the awards and held them as attorneys Defense and Plaintiffs were allowed to solicite fraundulent claims for a joinder or class action trial. Low and behold the trial and all appeals failed to find injury to anyone in the class. Corporate fears came to life in a proven manner. Attorneys had just proven that the incident was somewhat secluded. Now all the money was proven to be ours. But still no relief. Our next attorney was David Baria. The filing by Mr. Baria included injuries and the destruction of our home and personal property. The denial of relief to property claims is a violation of civil constitutional right. It seems the more done to prevent us from actions made things worse. From mid 1999 till just last election here in Mrion County MS.we were dogged by local law enforcement non stop. Our child did time for that shit. The actions were concluded after the failed appeals, however, the court held our awards and continued with the class payments like the trial was successful. The charges were. Negliect and abuse of child to not providing a home destroyed by defendants. Just about anything someone without a criminal past would be charged with to have them removed from taking action against these corporations. I’ve posted one page of charges. Anyway it’s always the same. Our time is consumed we are forced to bail out of jail only to be told at a return to court that no record of any arrest exsit. In 2005 we filed our own pleadings for relief. The judge took to transfer our awards to the now famous Judge Bobby DeLaughter. I doubt this is legal but here goes, TRANSFER.

      Judge surpreme Graves claims awards from failed trial are left with Judge Green. Please note along with the failed trial we still have gotten nothing. Why? Upon filing for relief Judge Green files an action in which my family’s awards and cause is claimed transfered to Judge Delaughter. Judge Green files an action in 251-98-1061 which is our cause of action and awards. The Judge claims that the 251-98-1061 action she filed becomes the 251-96-493 action or the failed trial of the class. Upon reciept of civil action 251-96-493 the failed trial Judge DeLaughter claims authority to keep the awards via the failed trial action as he dismisses my familys claims. And that’s where we are as of 01-22-2010. You wouldn’t know a good lawyer would you? Our action is claimed dismissed by a January Judge Graves order claiming a failure to respond for discovery. The Order has nothing to do with our claims. Pleadings index of cause 251-98-1061 began on March of 1996. The settlement of offer $84 million happened well after the Judges order as did all other actions making the awards ours.

      The sought for Global settlement was not conditional. Somehow the judge over that matter became a surpreme court judge and our attorney became a state senator. Everyone involved in the failed class trial have recieved money for nothing and thats what we got. NOTHING. The most odd thing is we are the rightful owners of all the awards proven by the court. But if you don’t believe in conspiracies you might can tell me why no attorney will take this action. We are forced into any attempt to recover on our own. My family has reported this to every agency of law and justice but no reply. It’s being handled like Rosswell or area 51. The A.G., Governor and other senators and elected offficals have use our awards for political gain and are protecting the corporate purchase of the Mississippi courts. Our medical conditions are hell but were alive. I guess that good because we were told we would be dead by the year 2000. Documents show that attorneys had sought $2 billion in punitive. Whatever amount had it used our claims in the compansitory phase. Anyway I’m grateful for your interest and enjoyed your questions.

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