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Born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 22nd, 1961, age 47, married, 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters. I am personally facsinated by the judicial and political atmoshere in good ole Mississippi.




An investigation which began in 2011 with a warrant from the uh, Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested Helen Cotton, a former Bogalusa clerk of court. She is charged with felony theft, eight counts of  first-degree injuring of public records, and five counts of filing false public records. The theft was in the amount of $7,650, Cotton, 46, was booked into the Washington Parish Jail with a $15,000 bond on March 21 and released later that day with her court appearance set for May 28.

She was employed by the Bogalusa City Court for approximately 18 years and resigned her position in November 2011.  City Court Judge Robert Black said his office learned of “suspicious activity” in the clerk of court’s office on Friday, Nov. 4, 2011, and reported it to its auditor, Robert Neilson, the following Monday.

The court notified the Attorney General’s office, which conducted the criminal investigation, and District Attorney Walter Reed’s office, which will prosecute the case. Black said his office has been and continues to work to discover and remedy what took place, and that the public has no reason to fear. “It is a matter of public trust,” he said. “I promptly notified the appropriate parties of the concerns, and we worked closely with them over the last 14 months,” he said.

The judge said his office has developed a plan to eliminate the shortage over the next 18-20 months by gradually transferring monies from the Judicial Expense account into the Bond account. “Although the Judicial Expense account is the court’s operating account, we do not anticipate any reduction or change in the services the court provides to the public,” he said. These 27 cases amounted to a misapplication of $7,650 and eight instances where Cotton signed Court Minute Entries which are fraudulent.”


Recent Actions In Hinds County

March 31st, 2011  { action: Hearing to Fix for Trial Gaylord Trial } Plaintiff Marie,  appears to ask relief once more through the use of their claims by the court. Events from trial at :

New world order vehicle. Tactical leader says this vehicle can carry a good size group of new world police under the guise of Homeland Security. What is homeland security? The only security we have as Americans is if we each own a corporation. Looking at these post it should be very evident that the America of protected freedoms and property ownership is as phony as the war on drugs or Homeland Security. This country is being ran, taken over and  its citizens just ran over by an insane and overpowered Government. In this video you can hear the leader say enough to figure out he’s not talking about the security of Americans but rather the corporate ran government of the U.S.

They dress in military attire carry military weapons are stationed in this country. Notice that the writing on the tank  says Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs as well as Police and Rescue so what every happens the D.H.S. will claim some type of authority to be where they are.  Your government seeks violence from the public to usher in military martial law. This vehicle is used to serve warrants in the U.S. not Mexico, Germany or some other country. At 109: this leader of men claims he watches from a port above the vehicle as they gain entry into the house. That is our homes they talk about here.

But wait why all this money to do what the government already can do? Look, just look. Corporations who run the U.S. have already shown on our blog they can dismiss the countries laws even the constitution to extort from any citizen. To understand you need to whole picture. That major corporations run America and Americans are in their way of gaining total dominance of the entire planet. This machine and its occupants were created to kill Americans. Like all other tools of the Devil this is a really dumb shit device.

So tell you what some should consider. Most 3rd, world countries were taken down after drug wars ran ramped. What we have here is corporate control of the government law, education, monetary, and political authority. Corporations control drug transport and sells of mass amounts for monetary gains as low level dealers and users in the U.S. are given to the courts for milking. Just like the crimes committed against us herein, if your not part of the crime your in the way.

An American, a real American might just pull up to this American killing machine with a big shielded truck, push that one and only entrance door shut and weld it. Damned the port holes. Chain the big truck to the A.K.M. set it a fire so dragging it won’t get you anywhere and by the way?  How much fuel water and food can you get in that coffin death trap.

Miracle Grow ?

Affirmative’  generally grass won’t grow in red clay. In fact the previous owner of this piece of land had complained that for years he could never get the grass he planted to take root.  Grass will grow if your home radiates enough fumes to fertilize the yard. The conflict over chemicals was a no brainer.  Nitrogen Tetroxide turned the mobile home into a job stick.

Nitrogen Tetroxide doesn’t mix with water.  Vicksburg Chemical test revealed, this as the a reason in discovery that DMSO was the substance causing an over weight condition with the tank car.


Nothing Will Change

( 2 ) The firm had released this attorney after rumors he was soliciting false claims at a college.  Perhaps it was a law school teaching real law. The attorneys and state officials were so abusive towards us that the only words  we could see were  ” Nothing will change” , actually, Mr. Austin made initial discovery for March 20th, 1997 filing for class-action attorneys from Texas.

( 1 ) Weather conditions prior to release.  The rain needed to wash away the chemicals arrived on Wednesday and not Tuesday as calculated.



5-17-2009 12;15;23 PM    May 17th, 2009.

As the extent of my criminal life, which would be a D.U.I ten years before this event from one drink mickey. that kinda ended the drinking for good while. I said a few words about that drink being open but this so called friend of mine said the bar tender opened it but didn’t put anything in it. He failed to mention that he did. I later found out after a cousin over heard the confession.  So when the attorney who held his own claims in this matter said. “I know you’ve done something wrong before so tell me what it was.  The time spent thinking angered this lawyer. Well, no matter the lawsuit apparently needed us to be criminals. None of the allegations here are real, still it served a dirty deed of need.  Here’s the 1st page of charges. These charges were extensive and included child neglect, a homeless condition ie., living in a camper behind the toxic home, drug abuse namely crack, cocaine, Marijuana, and medical prescription abuse. Hey we never used medicine till Gaylord decided an open air no warning given disposal was the way to go.  It was later said there wasn’t any record  of this. I do now occasionally have a drink to whatever it may offer.

Still at that time, for the sake of corporate greed and almighty dollar, we were destined to a life in prison after our arrest. But wait, everyone including us were sure we were good as dead, so a lot of what to do meant standing before a jury with the facts, you know the truth. Instead we were told since we were going to die by 2000 any way to leave the attorneys and the class alone. That our child was too young to inherit that kind of money. That’s like the judge who told Jane her medical records had gone away to a place where when somethings lost its never found so his decisions would be made without review of any medical record.  Go Figure. These actions occurred after the completion of discovery. But your honor, you crooked bastard. Were sure those  records could be had from civil action 251-96-493 and 251-98-1061 in Hinds county, where you and the state conspire to extort you dumb shit. After all you sleazy excuse of an inhuman being ass hole the court used it to gain millions for Jane’s medical injuries. It is deeply regrettable we are treated in a manner the death of a family is preferable to state, federal or constitutional rights of law.



From 10/8/2008.

Believe it or not this state’s political and judicial system is every bit as corrupted as you might image even more so. This incident is just one of many but this one is huge $276 million and billions sought for. I knew a family who had a similar case years ago they were the most injured of an accident claims were settled on their behalf as the system was used to run them into the ground. Of the family one died from injuries three of the children that lived the mother and father were never given any of the awards ultimately they were driven apart. This man and women fought, divorced and he couldn’t take it any more he killed one of the children shot another killed his ex-wife and new husband and two weeks after his life sentence was given the case was settled. After 25 years of attorney bullshit the surviving children got one thousand dollars.

It might be the way things were done in the past but I’ve got a new game for these assholes. Hello blogging. Its still bad but now we can share the feelings of being extortion victim within the United States of courts, judges, attorneys and countless brown nose state officials thieves in the state of Mississippi.

We are denied any form of aid for the direct cause of our injuries. my wife worked but her work history was altered to deny her social aid ie,. medical treatments, we have both a real work history and the states we don’t exist record. Our daughter’s life was effected as state control of our family place her in prison on false charges to form a holding of. Attorneys of some other state had taken interest. But moving create a greater risk of being killed.

  Tell you what I’ll post the entire matter of what has been going lately and just like the rest of this you’ll wish it was all fake because if you ever get involved in a huge lawsuit stay the hell out of Mississippi. On Monday we appeared before the court as attorneys perjured their way to dismiss our actions to sue them as we were warned not to ever take any action again or we will be held in contempt you’ll see those actions here with the document shown to the court. I’ll welcome any and all comments if we can stop one person from this back stabbing attorney gang raping trap it will all be worth it.

CURRENT UPDATE FOR: April 18th,2013

So we Americans were supposedly attacked recently by a terrorist act. This occurred at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Here’s the latest. Story # 1.

President Barack Obama was due to visit Boston on Thursday to attend a memorial service for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. A manhunt is continuing for a suspect seen on video taken before two blasts struck on Monday, Reuters reported. On Wednesday, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested a Mississippi man in connection with letters sent to Obama and two other officials that were believed to have contained the deadly poison ricin. The FBI said there was no indication of a connection between the ricin letters and the Boston bomb attacks. Story # 2.

Smoke rises as water is sprayed at the burning remains of a fertilizer plant after an explosion at the plant in the town of West, near Waco, Texas early April 18, 2013 (Reuters / Mike Stone)

A massive explosion has rocked a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas. Hundreds of people were likely injured, state official says. A nursery home was destroyed by the blast and numerous buildings were damaged.

In our next up date we’ll touch upon something which might be interesting. So our figures are as follows Boston Bombing is to who …….. As reasons are to $. Heads up things like our freedom are about to go very UN-American. Enjoy the song! Story # 3. TODAYS VIDEO