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Can you believe this? This pile of paper work looks twice as big in real life. I really have to hand it to secretaries, clerks or anyone that has to deal with paper work on a daily basis.  Here’s a breakdown 20% Plaintiffs medical 20% Settlement actions 15% failed trial actions. This concluded the courts legal actions as Defendants’ trial failed. 15% filing for relief and the remaining 30% would be Defendants’ filing of irrelevant issues.

The first 40% are the pivotal points of complaint, being medical, injuries and the use of claims for awards to settle this suit then a refusal to release the awards to the proper persons for which awards were had. Huh, damn it, man!

Current Update For April 10th, 2013 :  We (Americans) are currently under the watchful eye of a very suspicious government. Presently their are many speaking of the God given rights of the true American Government and what is going on in our Country. Yes we are at a turning point and this time it will the the worst and the last. I’d like to close with events in brief from our world today.


Pyongyang has issued a warning urging foreign nationals to evacuate South Korea. The statement was followed by threats from North Korea of “thermonuclear” war on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea, warned, “We do not wish harm on foreigners in South Korea should there be a war,” Reuters quoted citing a spokesperson for its Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee. The warning was read out on North Korea’s state television and KCNA news agency as saying,  “all international organizations, businesses and tourists” were told to “work out measures for the evacuation”. “The situation on the Korean Peninsula is inching close to a thermonuclear war,” Pyongyang’s Asia-Pacific Peace Committee stated.


Thirty-seven people have been killed after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck near Bushehr in Iran. Around 850 people have been injured, according to Iranian media. At least 37 people had died so far  including 100 who were hospitalized in the Bushehr provincial, home to the Bushehr nuclear power plant.    Based on the most recent figures on the impact of the earthquake,” The quakes epicenter was 89 kilometers (55 miles) away from the nuclear plant, just outside the town of Kaki. Eighty to 100 per cent of the town’s homes have been destroyed. The depth of the quake was 10 km (6.2miles). It was followed by 21 aftershocks within three hours. Twelve of those measured above 4 on the Richter scale.


Uh to every American I’d share one thought over world events, get right with the Lord. Understand we really are spiritual beings in human bodies during the return of Satan to this Earth. The process requires a group of followers from around the globe devising a one world order, meaning educational, financial, military and religious. That religion is absent of God. It is the world which will be had by Satan. Christians are told not to fear that which can kill the flesh but to fear that which can kill the soul. This country is said to be policing the world. It appears more that the NWO is in the process of placing its own chosen heads of state. In turn our countries soldiers have been in urban warfare for years now.  Their at least a mile and a half away or more and it only gets worse if your the target of heat seeking target acquisition device.


Superficial State of Mind (Update)

11-1-2008-40329-pm  Here’s the deal.  Our 1998 and 1999 settled awards millions or billions sought are held from us.  Anything done by us to gain relief will always be short of what will be needed. Segregated and fully extorted has ever a hate crime been, this is it.

Even the courts are confused at this point and can not be trusted to even give normal advise.  An  acting judge’s advice  [Judge Prichard] to a recent dismissal was to contact the Judge over the settlement to ask of our claims and what type action may be required of us for whatever relief was  due.  A letter to judge Graves  caused a visit by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. This agency claims to only work on behalf of the state.  We have been forbidden to ever contact the Judge who settled our claims.  Additionally we were warned never to file any lawsuit against those who have commented the crimes alleged against my family.  The last threat, I mean order was amended early 2009.

In response to the real events, it is highly unlikely that Judge Green did little more than aid with intentional delay. If her order [below]  is not a hoax then a chain of events are as follows. An order by Judge Green to transfer awards to Judge DeLaughter is claimed filed with the court under civil 251-98-1061.  Judge DeLaughter claims to accept the action under civil 251-96-493.  The Hinds County clerk presently replies by phone that civil action 251-98-1061 is assigned to Judge Harrison as the Marie claims are pending. A petition for review continues to await response. The current is made use by class actions of fraud to delay redress are posted on a page above titled “Latest Class Action”



Generally, when the state has evidence or even when it doesn’t the court and prosecutors will hang your ass good for little to no reason and as a citizen of this state we all know this. Case in point if the courts thought we were wrong in these matters we would be put under the jail which in this case would take the place of the intended grave.

It’s the same old story.  Defendants state that the last action on our claims was a dismissal of Judge Graves by a January 15th, 1998 Order for failure to complete discovery. To bad that’s a lie worth millions.  Countless documents show actions of settling well after said Graves’ order even an Order denying motion to dismiss our claims after failed trial and appeal. Our awards were gained by Judge Graves after we fired our attorneys.

For whatever reason [ lies ] the court has not yet sent the decision of the court to dismiss by an order having nothing to do with our claims actions. If, it the Order, or as soon as it arrives we’ll post for now check out the latest action of extortion and or other news.

UPDATE CURRENT FOR APRIL 10th,2013 Todays Three


A US military judge says the government must prove that Army Private Bradley Manning intended to aid the enemy when he released hundreds of thousands of sensitive files to WikiLeaks. The official tribunal against the 25-year-old private first class Army Private is slated to start in June.

During pretrial hearings on Wednesday Col. Denise Lind, A US military judge ruled that the government has a burden to prove that the soldier inflect harm on the United States or gave aid to the enemy when he released hundreds of thousands of sensitive files to the whistleblower.

Independent journalist Alexa O’Brien writes that the United States government must now prove that Pfc. Manning acted “with reason to believe such info could be used to the injury of the US or to advantage of any foreign nation.”  If convicted on this count, Manning could theoretically be sentenced to die. Prosecutors, however, have said they would settle for life in prison.

STORY # 2.


Lawmakers in the Florida Senate voted unanimously this week to ban law enforcement agencies from using surveillance drones in the Sunshine State except in situations where the US Department of Homeland Security believes that drones could deter a high-risk terrorist attack.

Senator Joe Negron (R-Stuart) told his colleagues“It’s fine to kill terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan with drones, but I don’t think we should use them to monitor the activities of law-abiding Floridians,”  Police agencies across Florida had largely objected to any rules that would limit the use of surveillance drones for law enforcement purposes.


The United States and South Korea have upgraded their military surveillance status in anticipation of a possible mid-range missile launch by Pyongyang. The Combined Forces Command is effectively at Watchcon 2 status ready to tackle a “vital threat” from North Korea in the latest escalation of tension in the war-weary peninsula. Citing an anonymous senior military official. If the next upgrade occurs, the nations will be in a state of war. Seoul has also launched an emergency task force to analyze North Korea’s preparations of a missile launch, the official said.

Magical Jurisdiction


Post UPDATE for May 12th, 2013:

with Bogalusa, Washington Parish political lawsuits.

It is great to be an attorney in Mississippi I would assume. There is something about this state rarely seen in others. Via la hocus pocus an attorney in this state can’t represent both sides of an issue involving millions. These men and women are known as plaintiffs’ defendants. Directly from the state court and before your eyes is the plaintiffs’ defending attorney, Richard Gamblin. 

After settlements of Vicksburg and all others with regards to the only claims before this court the plot has definitely thickened. What gives here as a defense attorney acting as attorney for the plaintiffs in transfer of awards from Judge Green and Graves to Judge Bobby DeLaughter. Now don’t try this at home boys and girls because it’s as bad as all other actions which the hell hole court has engaged in regarding the ( for lack of ) stealing of awards. Perhaps the only magic here is black magic. So hocus pocus unto you from that Magical horse shit Jurisdiction known as the Hinds County Court, ya’ll come back now ya hear.

May 10th, 2013:


The unfolding legal feud involving Washington Parish government officials and Sheriff Randy Seal escalated Wednesday afternoon when the parish filed a countersuit against the sheriff.

The suit, legally known as an Answer and Reconventional Demand to Seal’s original suit makes claims against the sheriff’s in the way it conducts its business and petitions the court to resolve some of those issues. In the suit, the parish claims Seal’s office has failed to submit a 2013 budget as mandated by state law, failed to comply with the state’s procurement procedure, wrongly submitted duplicate invoices and invoices for inmates no longer on the census list

The parish jail asked for reimbursements for purchases. Some of those purchases, according to the suit, are pink handcuffs, two brooms at a cost of $80 per broom, 10 microwave ovens, a digital clock radio, car wax and bulletin board and fasteners. Being non-mandated expenditures or items that do not meet the dual test of reasonableness established by the Louisiana Supreme Court in Reed vs. Washington Parish Police Jury.” Seal said he could not comment on the suit because he had not yet had the opportunity to review it. No court date has been set.


The police action that closed down a residential block in Bogalusa last Friday morning was in response to a Louisiana State Police arrest of a former resident allegedly heading back to the city with a load of cocaine, police confirmed late Wednesday.

Second Avenue between East Sixth and East Seventh streets was closed to traffic when members of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Louisiana State Police Drug Task Force, Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office and Bogalusa Police Department executed a search warrant on a residence/ barbershop.

Upon contact with the driver, 41 year-old Veronique Allen, originally of Bogalusa, the trooper received consent to search the vehicle, resulting in the discovery of 2.4 kilograms of cocaine in a rear cargo compartment,” said Trooper First Class Nick Manale, spokesman for Troop L. “Further investigation by detective

The multi-agency investigation stemmed from a Covington traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of a Houston woman on charges of possession with intent to distribute cocaine and the subsequent seizure of additional narcotics and paraphernalia from the Bogalusa residence, according to State Police.

The traffic stop took place shortly before midnight on April 29 when a state trooper observed a 2013 Toyota sedan moving erratically northbound on Louisiana Highway 21 in Covington.


Can you say bull shit boys and girls? Here’s Defendants’ motion to dismiss the settled matter of claims of the Maries but not the awards or at least that’s all that is understood of these submissions by defendants to the court. The motion deals with some unverified action claimed to be taken with regards to these Plaintiffs long before settlement.  It falls short of telling the court that all the hate and bias prejudice against Plaintiffs to deny them any action before the court with their claims were dropped when the Vicksburg settlement offer was made. Remember I said the hate of the claims had stop not hate for the plaintiffs.

With all attempts to dismiss not once have defendants mention the fact that the Marie claims were settled, that the Marie claims were the only valid claims after a failed trial or that defendants had already help their selves to a good portion of the settlement offer severed with the Marie claims. Its probably something I’ll go through again addressing a frivolous motion to dismiss. 

This matter has gone through three federal courts and appeal. Since the settlement once had would not be dismissed for certain as the court held awards of the very same claims. Each dismissal was without prejudice except for Judge Green’s transfer to DeLaughter who claims to have dismissed with prejudice. The motion to dismiss has always stated the same reasons for dismissal. The motion is no more than an incomplete pile of insulting bull shit starting with the following and latest reasons first.

1. Defendants remind the court of how long it’s been since the release as though no action was ever taken on behalf of these plaintiffs claims or the unlawful seizure of their home warrants no action.

2. The fact that other courts have dismissed other attempts to have issues of releasing awards for demanded relief.

3. That with countless items of documented evidence submitted that the Marie complaint is vague, unintelligible and unsupported with regards to alleged denial of due process of unspecified unconstitutional acts.

4. Defendants continue to state however that these plaintiffs have sued multiple Defendants Vicksburg Chemical and Cedar Corporation along with some insanity regarding diversity jurisdiction to the given facts.

5. That the evidence which clearly shows direct actions by state actors fails under color of law to prove any constitutional denials.

6. As the court maintains the settled awards and that the actions against defendants are time barred regarding limitations. And that during a full blown election year that Judge Pickering found the Plaintiffs’ claims which as I have stated were already settled to be frivolous as well as providing no jurisdiction. 

7. In instances when a greater effort to combat the defendants crock of shit occurred the court found it impossible to discern the complaint against defendants but never the awards.

8. That the courts of Louisiana would allow the Gaylord toxic release to be a class action after all the attorneys failure to secure any awards by law.

This is the extent of the latest reasons and now I’ll move to the defendants first reasons which make as much sense as their recent ones. Even if these reasons were true the actions stated occurred in a time when the joinder class action mass tort was uncertain and all attorneys knew was to get this money the Maries must be kept away from the court. The reasons end by statements that the last action had was January of 1998. Here are those reasons.  Defendants and the court refuse to address the fact that the settlement of claims occurred in August 1998 through February 1999. Long after all reasons given to dismiss the last being January 1998.

1. That the Maries were part of a New Kirk action which failed to deliver a response to request for documents and. 

2. That an order by Judge Graves in January of 1998 dismissed claims and that the court held jurisdiction of these claims or any attempt to revive. i.e. the judge wanted the awards from these claims without the injuries or damage. The letter from attorney Baria to the Judge Graves shows the plot to consolidate our awards to others at an up coming trial which again failed.

Perhaps its better understood why defendants have kept this action out of court. The law being the law it would be very hard not to assume that bribery was involved in any attempt to dismiss these claims or to allow proper actions. The entire matter to exclude the plaintiffs or to do them in was an over kill to a matter better offering relief.


Very interesting discoveries are often had within the miracle jurisdiction of Hinds County, Mississippi, but first I must state that I am not an attorney for what it is worth. Undoubtedly, we are not the only persons having been injured by someone. Why does the court continue to use our name for what appears to be their fraudulent activity? Prior to our incident regarding Gaylord and Vicksburg Chemical we have never sued anyone and certainly given our relationship with attorneys and the court we certainly haven’t sued anyone since. So, maybe we are looking at it all wrong perhaps we should view the Marie name a patent or a trademark and maybe what we are really looking at is patent infringement. Looks like Judge Tomie Green might be milking our awards through the use of fraudulent claims

Diagnoses Unknown

The events related to our exposure are some what lengthy and we would rather tell it to a jury. For the sake of this blog we will try to be as informative as possible to the short version of events. We left a friend’s house in Bogalusa shortly after the release not wanting to go home we went visit family members in Sandy Hook Ms. Later that evening upon returning home we were turned by a road block and spent the night at our family’s house. We returned home Tuesday morning the day after the release. Wednesday it started raining and we started getting sick by Friday with no insurance we sought medical aid through an attorney.  After signing on with the firm we were told that their medical team would not be in town ( Bogalusa ) till the following week and we should seek a doctor on our on till then.

E.R. Bogalusa 10:30 p.m. Sunday 29th, October after signing in things were slow. The place was full of people wanting to see a doctor complaining about exposure. We sat in a place away from everyone trying to keep a steady breathing pace. It wasn’t easy. Our skin was peeling, face red, coughing and couldn’t hardly breath. I remember Robert saying his eyes were burning as were mine and he asked if I saw what he thought he saw. Yep I saw it but why was his feet fuming like that. By 3:00 am. most had gotten tired of waiting on a doctor and left. Other than us there was a young girl maybe 14 who shared a trash can with us to vomit in. When it came our turn to see the doctor everyone had put on gloves, face mask and some had goggles. We were released around 6:30 am. and told we had the flu. Feeling worse than when we got there, we decided to drive to Mississippi looking for help we felt we needed or had not received.

I guess what a person suffers from has to do with where your seen. The first E. R. visit was a look over and a personal opinion. Our examination in Mississippi was somewhat more in depth with the blood work more was known . The extent of exposure was bad after our 2nd, visit there was a 3rd, before seeing the attorneys physician which after more blood work it was affirmed for the third time we had been exposed. Here’s those reports along with one report from 2004. In seeking out an other opinion of our condition an unusual event. Some doctor who was treating others for exposure flipped when he examined us. He wanted to have Robert placed in a hospital in Slidell, Louisiana for 3 months to have his blood filtered and replaced. We have dealt with our condition at that time for over 8 years and fully understand that the doctor dealing with this knew nothing about it other than is was very dangerous and would probably kill us. Just briefly the absorbent ability of N2O4 surpasses any ability to remove it from organs or bone by simply filtering the blood. This doctor became angry and other than medical condition added other comments to his report which always reflects badly on us for not going along.

It was as though he was treating persons for exposure and this real exposure wasn’t as the others and he felt threatened by it. In short as though it might interfere with his pay. Additionally note the fact that the doctor who performed the Colonoscopy, lesion removal does these operations for free.  No I’m kidding this was really a secret operation which was supposed be an examination only. So if you ever find yourself the center of attraction as all eyes are on you just remember there are some people who feel for enough money they can do anything. The bleeding stopped so from what I can tell the operation worked still they could have asked. Our condition is still bad as many symptoms remain there is still hope justice might see us return home, however, the matter of greed and corruption persist.