Superficial State of Mind (Update)

11-1-2008-40329-pm  Here’s the deal.  Our 1998 and 1999 settled awards millions or billions sought are held from us.  Anything done by us to gain relief will always be short of what will be needed. Segregated and fully extorted has ever a hate crime been, this is it.

Even the courts are confused at this point and can not be trusted to even give normal advise.  An  acting judge’s advice  [Judge Prichard] to a recent dismissal was to contact the Judge over the settlement to ask of our claims and what type action may be required of us for whatever relief was  due.  A letter to judge Graves  caused a visit by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. This agency claims to only work on behalf of the state.  We have been forbidden to ever contact the Judge who settled our claims.  Additionally we were warned never to file any lawsuit against those who have commented the crimes alleged against my family.  The last threat, I mean order was amended early 2009.

In response to the real events, it is highly unlikely that Judge Green did little more than aid with intentional delay. If her order [below]  is not a hoax then a chain of events are as follows. An order by Judge Green to transfer awards to Judge DeLaughter is claimed filed with the court under civil 251-98-1061.  Judge DeLaughter claims to accept the action under civil 251-96-493.  The Hinds County clerk presently replies by phone that civil action 251-98-1061 is assigned to Judge Harrison as the Marie claims are pending. A petition for review continues to await response. The current is made use by class actions of fraud to delay redress are posted on a page above titled “Latest Class Action”


2 thoughts on “Superficial State of Mind (Update)

  1. They have done this for so long it is hard to imagine they will ever be caught. They will. It’s just a matter of time. They are too exposed now so for them to trip up, it won’t take much. Documentation is everything and you have that on your side. Keep pressing ahead. It’s the right thing to do.

  2. Yeap, they’ve been at it all their life because its all they know, its how they were brought up, its how they were taught. They have friends in low places but my documentations aren’t what will get these ass holes. No they want to ride the wheel of all mighty God’s justice. Mommy daddy and all their friends might agree with them over the theft of money but along with that all that killing and other matters it will be nice to see all getting its repayment.

    If it takes the extortion and ruining of the life of others for these to be judged for what they have done that they be excluded of eternal life so be it. In that we have sin those sins are committed against someone. In this matter their sins are against us. No big deal stay focused, someone is always a victim of law and government.

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