Mississippi’s Corporate Puppet Masters

The more revealing the states corruption becomes the more unconcerned I become of law. Mississippi’s matrix existence hits home hard to the fact none of what our past regarding fighting over civil or constitutional rights even existed in the real world. This game of personal gain by those in this states matrix judicial system is an off step to the reality of how most humane people are suppose to act regarding law. Unlike a movie it doesn’t stop if someone yells cut. Like in the movie if you die it’s all over. Being worth more dead than alive is something not phantom by most. At least not in a real since.

One problem I have with these sorry bastards is their cowardliness and like of control over what they have caused. After all when these state actors refuse to stop attacking this family with threats and false arrest in attempts to deny all right to redress they never cared what might happen in those jails or prisons they used in trying to break our will. Although we didn’t know it at the time the reactions from some medications by an organic toxin being in our bodies was supposed to eliminate us. After that first deadly encounter it was recalled that at the depositions questions regarding what we may have come into contact with since exposure revealed the bastards knew that seeking medical aid might kill us. The fortune without the fame just isn’t right. These actions reveal much about the state legal system being a force not of law but the personal desire of greedy people who place life behind their ambitions. These people serve a higher force who dictate there every move. Like puppets they do as told and like puppets they don’t have the humanity to care for life.

It isn’ just the legal system that resembles something from the past.  At present Mississippi has no civil justice system. It has been very hard to see the odd behavior of doctors who after stating surgery on your wife will take 4 hour and 10 hours later after the operation they won’t even speak to you. Or that the 1/2 inch incision is now 18 staples long the bright side your still able to walk. Just like the past our medical needs are handle without anesthesia. Going to the E R is a trip. Your told to hold on to something and you grit you teeth as the doctor cuts you open to remove some unknown growth cause by your exposure to a toxin not understood.  As blood goes everywhere and the doctor says be still I must think of defendants hate of my family as that anger is my strength. So boys and girls next time you need a doctor count your blessings because not everyone is afforded the reality of the real world. Some of us must live under the mindless puppets of Mississippi’s corporate puppet masters.

Did I say Chemical Warfare. Did I say that huge pipes went from the defendants mill to a nearby national guard base whose trucks are designed for chemical use. Did I say I don’t care any more how much of what’s going on gets out? Seems like a typical warfare agent to me. Even if the initial exposure doesn’t get you not knowing about N2O4 and seeing a doctor for exposure just might. Those growths removed from me were from my side and back. My wife has one in her neck. I’ve got that report here in one of about 12 or 15 boxes of stuff we were able to gather up which include court documents. If you could believe what is going on is by a court.

I’m not a doctor but I know the lines on the chart above are not suppose to be dropping as they are. That’s what the chart reads and this is what that feels like. First you tell the medical staff of your problem and still they know more than you so when the anesthesia is applied it gets warm then hot that heat travels your body you feel it you began to sweat a lot you want to throw up your eye sight goes blurry when it reaches the area of your chest it gets really tight you can’t hardly breath. Ya everyone around you starts freaking out and off you go to the room of paddles where you might not hear the words ” clear ” before getting zapped. How many votes is that anyway? Oh well by the time the sensors were connected I started coming around again. 

Why won’t they stop? Because their stupid and you can’t tell a stupid M.Fer. nothing. They already know it all. So If they want wealth they might as well get some fame as being the puppet to their masters they are. If anyone said I was ranting its because they know it all. To bad for my family huh? If there was a real justice system, Well I think we all know.


About mftms13

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 22nd, 1961, age 47, married, 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters. I am personally facsinated by the judicial and political atmoshere in good ole Mississippi.

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