Can you say bull shit boys and girls? Here’s Defendants’ motion to dismiss the settled matter of claims of the Maries but not the awards or at least that’s all that is understood of these submissions by defendants to the court. The motion deals with some unverified action claimed to be taken with regards to these Plaintiffs long before settlement.  It falls short of telling the court that all the hate and bias prejudice against Plaintiffs to deny them any action before the court with their claims were dropped when the Vicksburg settlement offer was made. Remember I said the hate of the claims had stop not hate for the plaintiffs.

With all attempts to dismiss not once have defendants mention the fact that the Marie claims were settled, that the Marie claims were the only valid claims after a failed trial or that defendants had already help their selves to a good portion of the settlement offer severed with the Marie claims. Its probably something I’ll go through again addressing a frivolous motion to dismiss. 

This matter has gone through three federal courts and appeal. Since the settlement once had would not be dismissed for certain as the court held awards of the very same claims. Each dismissal was without prejudice except for Judge Green’s transfer to DeLaughter who claims to have dismissed with prejudice. The motion to dismiss has always stated the same reasons for dismissal. The motion is no more than an incomplete pile of insulting bull shit starting with the following and latest reasons first.

1. Defendants remind the court of how long it’s been since the release as though no action was ever taken on behalf of these plaintiffs claims or the unlawful seizure of their home warrants no action.

2. The fact that other courts have dismissed other attempts to have issues of releasing awards for demanded relief.

3. That with countless items of documented evidence submitted that the Marie complaint is vague, unintelligible and unsupported with regards to alleged denial of due process of unspecified unconstitutional acts.

4. Defendants continue to state however that these plaintiffs have sued multiple Defendants Vicksburg Chemical and Cedar Corporation along with some insanity regarding diversity jurisdiction to the given facts.

5. That the evidence which clearly shows direct actions by state actors fails under color of law to prove any constitutional denials.

6. As the court maintains the settled awards and that the actions against defendants are time barred regarding limitations. And that during a full blown election year that Judge Pickering found the Plaintiffs’ claims which as I have stated were already settled to be frivolous as well as providing no jurisdiction. 

7. In instances when a greater effort to combat the defendants crock of shit occurred the court found it impossible to discern the complaint against defendants but never the awards.

8. That the courts of Louisiana would allow the Gaylord toxic release to be a class action after all the attorneys failure to secure any awards by law.

This is the extent of the latest reasons and now I’ll move to the defendants first reasons which make as much sense as their recent ones. Even if these reasons were true the actions stated occurred in a time when the joinder class action mass tort was uncertain and all attorneys knew was to get this money the Maries must be kept away from the court. The reasons end by statements that the last action had was January of 1998. Here are those reasons.  Defendants and the court refuse to address the fact that the settlement of claims occurred in August 1998 through February 1999. Long after all reasons given to dismiss the last being January 1998.

1. That the Maries were part of a New Kirk action which failed to deliver a response to request for documents and. 

2. That an order by Judge Graves in January of 1998 dismissed claims and that the court held jurisdiction of these claims or any attempt to revive. i.e. the judge wanted the awards from these claims without the injuries or damage. The letter from attorney Baria to the Judge Graves shows the plot to consolidate our awards to others at an up coming trial which again failed.

Perhaps its better understood why defendants have kept this action out of court. The law being the law it would be very hard not to assume that bribery was involved in any attempt to dismiss these claims or to allow proper actions. The entire matter to exclude the plaintiffs or to do them in was an over kill to a matter better offering relief.


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