Obstruction of Justice / Newsletter up dates

Here’s a little information from the other side. With our claims settled in 1998 and confirmed in early 1999 you would think the court would bid us good bye. Well these two letters to the fraudulent class kinda explains what the court was up to. A few points here. The actions to settle claims were all done through the Hinds County Court.  Clearly the Court is engaged in open obstructions of justice. The couple who gave use copies of attorneys’ letter up-dates have gotten thousands of dollars from this action. Given the fact this couple told attorneys they were in no way involved the irony didn’t matter the abuse continues.

A person needs only to understand the crimes committed here and you understand the reason the court has not allow action in this matter.  Still with millions settled to deny the Marie’s relief is just hateful. It’s amazing to the given crimes the statues will hold a cause for action against the defendants for some time.  So what’s wrong with these people? The obvious greed or arrogance is clear but what about law.  Isn’t the court’s duty to rule and abide by the law. Other than money what are we looking at here. The state with the worse judicial record uses it as an excuse to do this or maybe it’s a racial thing perhaps this black judge who settled claims passed the action to another black judge so the statement by a black lawyer that the lawyers, doctors and the brothers were getting all the money for this one could be carried out.

I’ve seen those movies of things that have gone on in this state but I’m not from here I’m not a racist. In fact I didn’t know people were still that way till I moved to this state. The one thing from the movie Mississippi burning I can relate to is the question “What the hell is wrong with these people” I’ll be the first to admit after being so sick I don’t understand why we are still alive, yet, that’s no reason to act an ass as though we don’t exist or that this court of corruption should be free to abuse this family to deny their rights.  Mr. Smith joined attorneys to this cause after starting our claims. His fraudulent pursuit has been maintained as is proved by these letters.  Judge Bobby DeLaughter will claim he had dismissed our claims when in fact the court states that the claims are still under Judge Tomie Green. With regards to Union tank car they refuse to discuss their involvement till our claims were dismissed with prejudice as Judge DeLaughter has claimed to have done.  All defendants failed to warn of dangers from post toxic exposure about what was known during the depositions.  In short the court eagerly awaits our death. Such a sick bunch. To continue this without concern surely involves some  unseen power. WHY?




About mftms13

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 22nd, 1961, age 47, married, 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters. I am personally facsinated by the judicial and political atmoshere in good ole Mississippi.

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