What’s in a saying?

People have fought over land and land lines since who knows how long. At the basic level anyone who has worked hard to have a home surely doesn’t want to lose it to any unseen reason and certainly not by their on fault. Even today with foreclosure or even Katrnia down here in the south. The loss of your home is a very emotional thing. How far do you feel you should you go in protecting your home?  Here’s what is generally said about our homes. A man’s home is his castle. Home is where the heart is. There’s no place like home. Home sweet home. A house is made of sticks and stones but a home is made of love alone. Well, that’s a few. So now looking at this cause before the court you have to wonder about the insanity of these attorneys and judges who have no respect for the home of another. With regards to this cause before the court it’s so much more. Millions and millions settled by our claims so I have to ask who made the attorneys and judges in the Hinds County court God? In the same state where one man kills another over a clothes line or any other little meaningless thing. My family sits here dealing with a so called court of law which thinks that the awards of someone else are theirs for the taking. Hundreds of millions with my name on it and the court has refused to release any of that money to my family, yet, has spent a good bit of it on what ever attorneys and the court agree to. This is a crock of shit and anyone can see it.

The court also refuses to understand our claims are settled there’s no need to refile some new action that will be barred by limitations and other tricks. The court has no legal right what so ever to hold our awards. THE EXTORTION HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH.  Hey let me go kidnap someone’s child. Steal a lot less than a million. Put poison in someone’s house. Injure a person and leave them for dead. WE ALL KNOW WHAT THE COURT WOULD DO DON’T WE. So who made Hinds County Court the home of the gods. Small minded crooks hiding behind the bench with friends and their family and to hell with everyone else and nothing more.


About mftms13

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 22nd, 1961, age 47, married, 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters. I am personally facsinated by the judicial and political atmoshere in good ole Mississippi.

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