Meet The Judge

We first met Judge James Graves on September 8th, 1998 to discuss our dissatisfaction with the law firm of Sacks and Smith and their refusal to release our files to gain another attorney as we did not feel properly represented regarding our claims. The Judge ask that we try to work out any differences. We returned on the 10th of September to again ask that we have our files. After leaving the court house we stopped at the law firm of Kevin Camp who agreed to represent us and requested the aid of David Baria. Mr. Baria is now a Mississippi State Senator. Judge Graves has moved up to the supreme court of Mississippi. The court had previously agreed to accept the $84 million dollar offer of Vicksburg Chemical on August 28th, 1998 and even announced that attorneys would receive $27 million dollars to divide among themselves. The announcement regarding settlement of that offer was announced February 12th, 1999.

Filing of withdrawel of counsel and change of firm name indicates a continued involvement by initial attorneys related to our claims regarding Case Management Order No. 1 of March 20th, 1997. Neither initial attorneys, state bar or the courts never honored our decision that attorneys’ fraudulent claims not be associated to ours.


About mftms13

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 22nd, 1961, age 47, married, 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters. I am personally facsinated by the judicial and political atmoshere in good ole Mississippi.

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