Starting a RICO pattern

At what point does the court acknowledge attorney bullshit? I’ll try to recap briefly the present positions. It appears that these claims before the court have an ability to bankrupt the defendants yet something here still isn’t right. After our attorneys revealed their plot to create fraudulent claims we reported the matter to the defendants and others.  Our hopes were to have our matters settled before these insane attorneys caused us any more trouble. Our bad,  it wasn’t long after that cell doors were slamming shut because our mouths wouldn’t. It’s a strange feeling to have people or your attorneys  tell you your injuries will kill you and that those who should be helping you to end your life peacefully are acting as though your death isn’t enough or that it should happen quickly so no one would know that attorneys want to used the courts for personal gain by your death. Two years had passed since the unlawful seizure of our home and these attorneys did nothing but threaten us to be silent and that there was no way we would live much longer. Well to hell with them. I felt I knew my God  and if it was my time so be it, but I wasn’t going to the grave quietly. On March 13th, and 17th, we fired off letters firing our attorneys who began causing us more trouble over our claims. At one point attorneys even sent letters saying they would not represent us any longer  however if you look you’ll see it took well over a year for the court to order the release of files only to have the court allow the attorneys back with their fraudulent claims plot to again preform money laundering activities with use of our claims. A lot of things occurred after firing attorneys. Here’s some of that starting with our doctor who said.

Mr. Marie I’ve  gotten a report on you regarding your medication. It seems that you have altered your prescription and  regrettably I will have to report you.  Of coarse I did no such thing. I did feel bad about the fact this was our own attorneys doing this and we knew it. The allegation was that I had taken the number one on my prescription and crossed a line which made it appear as a four. I was able to defend the charge by returning to his office with photo copies of my pill bottles and a print out of my medications from the drug store. Each pill bottle states no refill and reflect the same date they were prescribed,  Therefore. This act was repeated over and over till it took our child to prision on false charges.


About mftms13

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 22nd, 1961, age 47, married, 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters. I am personally facsinated by the judicial and political atmoshere in good ole Mississippi.

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