State Extortion via The Cross Bar Motel ?

I wouldn’t want to guess as to why we were not arrested when our child was taken. Still just maybe it took someone to negotiate our child’s release was one thought? We attended a hearing regarding our daughter and the court was informed we were some what made homeless by the release from the mill and that our child was actually living with her grandmother still the court decides to maintain custody of her? I guess the attorneys didn’t understand I wasn’t going to negotiate with terrorist kidnappers?

 The state officials who were suppose to  care for our child had left her in a place where she was not watched or cared for. Here supervisor left her alone so she could watch her son play baseball. When it came time for our child to take her medication no one one was there to give it to her so she crawled out a window and got a ride back home.  At 15 unattended she said a couple in an 18 wheeler gave her a ride to her grandmothers. Oh was I pissed when we went to the parenting class and after telling those at the Office of Community Services  O.C.S. what happened all they did was laugh.  It was becoming crystal clear that all this was about was the claims we had against defendants. Here’s some of that.  If they were waiting for us to cry or beg it never happen so the next step was our arrest.

The events which have transpired have placed a tremendous strain of my family’s relationship and  having stated I do take responsibility for what I’m writing.

                                                                                      Robert Marie


About mftms13

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 22nd, 1961, age 47, married, 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters. I am personally facsinated by the judicial and political atmoshere in good ole Mississippi.

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