Diagnoses Unknown

The events related to our exposure are some what lengthy and we would rather tell it to a jury. For the sake of this blog we will try to be as informative as possible to the short version of events. We left a friend’s house in Bogalusa shortly after the release not wanting to go home we went visit family members in Sandy Hook Ms. Later that evening upon returning home we were turned by a road block and spent the night at our family’s house. We returned home Tuesday morning the day after the release. Wednesday it started raining and we started getting sick by Friday with no insurance we sought medical aid through an attorney.  After signing on with the firm we were told that their medical team would not be in town ( Bogalusa ) till the following week and we should seek a doctor on our on till then.

E.R. Bogalusa 10:30 p.m. Sunday 29th, October after signing in things were slow. The place was full of people wanting to see a doctor complaining about exposure. We sat in a place away from everyone trying to keep a steady breathing pace. It wasn’t easy. Our skin was peeling, face red, coughing and couldn’t hardly breath. I remember Robert saying his eyes were burning as were mine and he asked if I saw what he thought he saw. Yep I saw it but why was his feet fuming like that. By 3:00 am. most had gotten tired of waiting on a doctor and left. Other than us there was a young girl maybe 14 who shared a trash can with us to vomit in. When it came our turn to see the doctor everyone had put on gloves, face mask and some had goggles. We were released around 6:30 am. and told we had the flu. Feeling worse than when we got there, we decided to drive to Mississippi looking for help we felt we needed or had not received.

I guess what a person suffers from has to do with where your seen. The first E. R. visit was a look over and a personal opinion. Our examination in Mississippi was somewhat more in depth with the blood work more was known . The extent of exposure was bad after our 2nd, visit there was a 3rd, before seeing the attorneys physician which after more blood work it was affirmed for the third time we had been exposed. Here’s those reports along with one report from 2004. In seeking out an other opinion of our condition an unusual event. Some doctor who was treating others for exposure flipped when he examined us. He wanted to have Robert placed in a hospital in Slidell, Louisiana for 3 months to have his blood filtered and replaced. We have dealt with our condition at that time for over 8 years and fully understand that the doctor dealing with this knew nothing about it other than is was very dangerous and would probably kill us. Just briefly the absorbent ability of N2O4 surpasses any ability to remove it from organs or bone by simply filtering the blood. This doctor became angry and other than medical condition added other comments to his report which always reflects badly on us for not going along.

It was as though he was treating persons for exposure and this real exposure wasn’t as the others and he felt threatened by it. In short as though it might interfere with his pay. Additionally note the fact that the doctor who performed the Colonoscopy, lesion removal does these operations for free.  No I’m kidding this was really a secret operation which was supposed be an examination only. So if you ever find yourself the center of attraction as all eyes are on you just remember there are some people who feel for enough money they can do anything. The bleeding stopped so from what I can tell the operation worked still they could have asked. Our condition is still bad as many symptoms remain there is still hope justice might see us return home, however, the matter of greed and corruption persist.


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