Tale of Two Cities Revised

On an earlier post I wrote about a map [ no. 1 ] which shown the actual path of the toxic release. I also posted the attorneys map [ no. 2 ] which showed the area of their pursued class action. As I have stated this family was simply placed between the desire of attorneys and the courts. Here is what this is.  A great example in short form. I add that these attorneys have fought the truth which was published for everyone to see. But hey the dead can’t speak now can they?  On the last map posted [ no. 2 ] the red line represents the state line. The actual cloud went no further than a speck between the words Angie and Vanardo over to the left. The state line is represented by the dotted line on this map. These two postings are typical of this entire matter. Attorneys’ sought for class-action never held any merit.


About mftms13

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 22nd, 1961, age 47, married, 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters. I am personally facsinated by the judicial and political atmoshere in good ole Mississippi.

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