Jackson Justice, Really then WTF is this?

Is Jackson, Mississippi the most corrupt city in America? You decide. You might think that running a state that you would know your boundaries. By whose authority was the Marie claims taken is not understood. Our documents show how the awards were had. This family was left for dead and we know of attorneys and judges moving on up the social latter. Was this entire event decided before it ever went to court and if so why is the only persons denied relief are those used to gain the awards? Plaintiffs’ view is that after the tank car was leaking for 3 weeks and the weather provided the best conditions and chance for an attempt to dispose of the toxins as occured. After the toxic cloud landed on our home no attorneys wanted to represent us as they sought to create a class action. It wouldn’t be easy to prove a class action as the cloud traveled from the paper facility to the area over our home in a rural area of Washington Parish before descending. Our attorney was rejected from the Louisiana, class action. That’s when our claims were brought to Hinds County, MS.

 Whether it was the trouble our claim was causing or not the court met with delay it is not certain. After the toxins destroyed the home attorneys had stated they would aid with the loss of the home only to change their mind and had plaintiffs arrested for negligence in not providing a home for their child. The cat and dog game of jumping through hoops had began. It was clear that the state had taken a big interest in our life and especially our claims. After finally breaking free from the state of Louisiana we returned to Mississippi. I should mention we had moved to Louisiana about 2 months before the toxic release. This is just dirty any way you look at it. Just as soon as we moved back to Mississippi attorneys got with the court and local law enforcement and the trouble started again. All the while we’re under attack of sort by attempted arrest the doctors constantly stated we would probably only live to the year 2000. Cold SOB’s.

We feel the court owes us money From our awards of claims on injuries and loss. For as much as the attorneys and the judges as well the state i.e. all the other officials have hated us. Why use our claims. This abuse is intentional. Talk about crazy the court went from not wanting us around to using us because were the only real claims. Does it get any worse, you bet. Why won’t they grant relief to our claims and bid us good by? Our claims gained $176 million dollars legally,yet, there’s no law at all which allows them to keep any of it. We have recently filed actions against the attorneys, as of yet no reply. The court appears to be taking the cradle to grave approach. Here are two responses to a request for relief. Not only do the attorneys want the requested relief denied they ask the court to forbid the plaintiffs to file any other request. What are they worried about? Its unknown what the chemical will do but it doesn’t look to good, however, I will never stop trying because anyone can see this is just as wrong as it can be.


About mftms13

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana January 22nd, 1961, age 47, married, 1 daughter and 2 granddaughters. I am personally facsinated by the judicial and political atmoshere in good ole Mississippi.

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